Thursday, 30 June 2011

Back Pains

One day, my husband complained of terrible back pains. I knew that it must have been a bad case because my husband hardly complains. The excruciating pain was in his lower back. In my mind , I was thinking, finally, my husband is suffering the consequences of his " champuy ' days. He probably has kidney stones, he needs a dialysis and maybe later on a kidney transplant. My mind just went on and on.

I told him I didn't know any body in the Kidney Center of the Philippines but I knew Boy Fajarfo and maybe he would want to see him. My husband is just like me, we are both scared of doctors so he agreed right away.

Upon meeting Boy, he was asked to remove his watch and Boy took his pulse. Boy said everything was ok with him except that he had high uric acid levels. My husband had just taken his blood tests a week ago and everything was normal except for his uric acid.

I mentioned the back pains , Boy looked at it and he said ' nalamigan'  . He started giving my husband a hilot massage , told him to keep his back covered with warm clothing and to remove the electric fan hitting his back! I almost choked on his last advise because my husband had just bought a floor fan and put it right behind him and used it to keep him cool while he did his computer work. It was also hitting him exactly where his pains were.

Gosh, I never thought that the innocent electric fan would be the culprit , so we had to get rid of it and his pains disappeared. That was about 8 years ago.

Be careful that you don't expose your body to a cold draft for prolonged periods, it might just cause you some sort of pain.


Marilou said...

If you think about it TCM warns against wind in the body. Immediately after therapy, because the pores are open, you must keep your body warm to avoid "lamig". Was talking to someone yesterday and she said after a bath, we should be careful not to expose ourselves to cold air as it enters the body through our open pores.

Becky said...

What is TCM??

Marilou said...

Traditional Chinese Medicine :-)

fashioneggpplant said...

Thank you! I have the exact same fan that I use for the exact same purpose and I have the exact same pains! Now I know... :D

Becky said...

Hi marilou, thanks for info.

Hi fashioneggplant, hope your pains disappear soon. Please keep me posted! Thanks

Precious said...

I remember when I was in europe 3 Christmases ago, I always slept with the heater off because I can sleep better in the cold, I only wore 2 layers of warmers and my blanket plus duvet, and every morning I always woke up with a super pamatay na backache, turns out I sleep on my stomach and my duvet slips down to my waist, in my Mom's term nilamigan ang likod ko, since then I learned to use the heater

Becky said...

Hi Precious, I , too, never believed in the term " nilamigan' but now I do! I also make it a point to be fully covered after I am done with my ' hilot '

andie said...

I know 'lamig' is a very pinoy concept (along with pasma etc.) but I agree wholly. When I was a child, and we had the electric fans on while we slept, my dad always awoke in the wee hours to turn it off. Never really bothered anybody bec it was colder in the mornings. But when we asked him why he'd always do it, he said that it was bad to be 'nakababad' in the steady air from fans. To counter this, he'd turn off the fans a few hours before we'd get up in the morning and take our shower for school. That was his way of ensuring that we wouldn't get 'lamig.' Dads have the simplest (and weirdest ways of showing they care).