Friday, 29 July 2011

King of Nuts

This post is dedicated to my readers who have high uric acid. Starting today, you are freed from your frustration of not being able to enjoy the addicting habit of eating peanuts when you are bored!

Fear not......  I want to share with you that if you eat the peanuts with their maroon   skin on, your fingers and toes will not become crooked ! Your elbows and knees will not ache ! You will not have a difficult time going up those steps !

Boy Fajardo told me to try it and I was surprised, I survived the whole weekend without any discomfort....yehey ! 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Coconut Water

Nursing mothers usually take a lot of Malunggay in their diet to help increase their milk supply. When my daughter was nursing, it was coconut water that I suggested she take. I read on the health benefits of coconut water and knew that it would be perfect both for mother and child.

It is a fact that the coconut from the Philippines has one of the highest lauric acid content. This alone can make the coconuts from the other countries jealous. The next time you see coconuts ,even if you are not a nursing mother,  don't ignore them, it's tree is not called the Tree of Life for nothing.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Saba Bananas

When my daughter and son in law are not looking, I try to infiltrate my grandchildren's diet with my own ' theories or experiments' . It goes without saying that their yayas are under my scrutiny most of the time.

One of my favorite discoveries is the SABA BANANAS,  Our yaya of 32 years told me that in Bicol, where she comes from, the SABA is eaten ripe in it's natural form, not boiled or fried etc. If it is eaten this way on an empty stomach it can act as a laxative.

When any of my grandchildren has a  digestive problem, it's the SABA BANANA that we turn to.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Camote Tops

A year ago, I would notice that every time, my granddaughter would have an insect bite, the mark would stay for a while. I took her to Boy Fajardo to check on a huge bite, he pulled down her lower eyelid and said that she was slightly anemic because her lower eyelids were quite pale. He suggested that I include ' pulang talbos na kamote or alugbati ' in her diet. The iron content in these veggies would help her.

A week later , my granddaughter developed fever , she had to have a  blood test and results were negative for  dengue, but yes she was slightly anemic.

I would always end up buying camote tops in exaggerated quantities so that one day, the sales staff asked me what I was going to do with them. The question caught me by surprise, I replied
" I have a flower arrangement project " .

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Healthy Lechon

One of the health benefits of taking lemongrass is to reduce high cholesterol and uric acid levels.

I usually have this bottled lemongrass extract at home. I put a teaspoon of this in  a cup of warm water to make a light afternoon tea. Some days, I boil the lower part of  fresh lemongrass stalks whenever I run out of the bottled ones.

Here is the link to the health benefits of lemongrass

So the next time you eat Cebu lechon and notice all the lemongrass stalks stuffed inside, you can conclude that the lechon is a health buff too!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Chili ! Chili!

Over the years, my husband VERY RARELY, gets sick with anything. I don't remember him even catching a cough or a cold, or maybe it's because my memory is failing me .

Part of his diet are these chili peppers that he eats with almost every meal. He eats in with anything or takes it as his afternoon snack. He says he believes in the health benefits because it has worked with him all this time . Click on this link

One bottle of hot peppers is empty except for one piece that I saved for my photo shoot, that's how popular it is in our dining table!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Open Sesame

I have been giving my husband some sesame seed candy which is mixed with molasses the past month. My husband developed some liver problems 20 years ago. I realized that it's never too late to restore good health. Boy Fajardo mentioned to me about the health benefits of  sesame seeds, but never got around to seriously look into it. Please read link attached

I was delighted to see some of these sesame seed candy ( no sugar, just molasses as a binder) readily available.

I think sesame seeds would be very helpful to those taking a lot of medication or to those who wine a lot .

Of course everything is to be taken in moderation, the nutty sesame seeds included.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pure and Natural

Pure and
When I watched a documentary on soap making , I found out the basic ingredient of commercial soap is ANIMAL FAT. I think this bit of information must have been stashed in my memory bank since grade school but seeing a documentary on it changed my whole perspective on my daily bath regimen.

I was terrified of using scented animal fat every time I would shower! Just the thought was revolting to me. Every time I see a bar of soap in the supermarket shelf, my mind was thinking,
Is this pork fat? beef ? duck? goose? . It was bad enough that my favorite was chicharon but to be washing my face with scented animal fat is a totally different story!!!

This started my quest for an all natural soap ..... I discovered Daila, Pure and Natural soap . It is coconut oil based soap with extracts of lemongrass and patchouli! How simple can that be ? No chemical ingredients that you can't pronounce or spell . It comes in different scents too. Like Dayap and Philippine Mint.

My eldest grandchild is turning 5 very soon and I can proudly say that he never had any skin irritation or any form of skin asthma  up to this time.

I really believe that LESS IS MORE!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Look into My Eyes

Exactly 24 years ago, I was diagnosed to have a benign myoma by my gynecologist. She suggested surgery in case I was feeling uncomfortable .

My father, took me to an iridologist , somewhere in the White Plains area , I can't remember exactly his name. The iridologist looked into my eyes and without my even mentioning it, he told me that I had a myoma in my uterus . . He told me to take an iodized salt free diet. No meat, only fish , brown rice and veggies. I became very creative with my fish marinades---- Fish in ilocos vinegar, garlic and pepper, fish in oil and Ginger, fish in oil and thyme, fish in Rosemary and garlic,  fish in calamansi , fish in lemon, all the spices were acceptable except iodized  salt. He said that the fish had natural salts in it. 

After a month, I took another ultrasound and lo and behold, there was no trace of the myoma.

Apparently, once upon a time, a very much wounded owl was found in a doctors home. Upon checking the eyes of the owl, the doctor noticed that there were some broken veins in the owl's  pupils. As the doctor tried to bring back the owl to good  health, the broken veins in the eyes would start healing too. Each vein corresponded to a certain part of the body.... I think this is how iridology came about 

Am not too  sure about the  details of the above story , I don't know if I read it, or it was told to me or I invented it.

The bottom line is---- I am scared of doctors and surgery which is why my dad took me to an iridologist  and all worked well for me. 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Goodbye Molds!

My BFF has a beautiful weekend home in Tagaytay. She has been battling the invasion of molds and mildew in her home because of the damp weather. She got dehumidifiers, silica gel  etc but they didn't seem to work . A friendly neighbor suggested  to her to put CHARCOAL, and surprise , surprise, the invaders all disappeared.

It seems that the CHARCOAL has the capacity to absorb moisture in the air.

Thank you, Tessa, for sharing this wonderful tip!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Natural Facelift

In 1996, I decided that I was going to look 20 years younger than my high school classmates. A friend was selling us FACIAL FLEX  and showed us a video presentation of the product and  I was instantly convinced by it.  I have concluded that exercise really works , so FACIAL FLEX was the perfect tool to exercise my face muscles. The product promised a younger look for 4 minutes a day, ( 2 minutes in the morning, 2 minutes in the evening) How easy can that be ? no sweat! I bought 10 kits right there, one for my husband, and one each for my 3 children that they will inherit when they reach 50 , and 6 for me in case I lose them because  I forgot where I placed them.

To make a long story short, FACIAL FLEX , really works for me! I will not dare post a picture of myself when I am using it because my family will disown me ..... I suggest you go to you tube and see how it works, it's really worth the watch , whether you are male or female, whether you have false teeth or natural teeth.....Here is the YouTube link

You just  have to put the gadget in your mouth,

Right now, I don't think I look 20 years younger than my classmate because I have been so lazy , I haven't touched the FACIAL FLEX in years!

Secret tip to future users of this product - please be sure to put some coconut oil around your mouth and jaw line to make your skin more flexible

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Healing Salt

I was led into looking for an alternative cure to flatulence or gas pains because my mother used to suffer from it often .  I would put a warm compress soaked in Epsom Salt on her stomach and was surprised that she said she was feeling better after a while.

When my problematic feet start acting up, I look forward to my ' home spa'  treatment. I put half a cup of Epsom Salt in a basin of  warm water , and immerse my feet in it for as long as I can. I  am relieved of the pain and my feet feel brand new.

Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate and it is supposed to be a ' sedative for aches , pains and the nervous system . It has a lot of uses both for wellness and beauty.

It is one product that I always keep in my house because of all of it's  healing benefits . I just make sure that my helper doesn't use it for cooking. Although, I know that it may be taken as a laxative too!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

If you can't go......

Sometimes it's stress, or too much sugar in the diet, or lack of fiber , or a lazy intestine, or lack of time, or dehydration you can't go to the bathroom .

Try eating tamarind or drinking the tamarind juice . You can make the juice simply by boiling the tamarind till everything falls apart ( except the seeds, and the veins) . Let the juice cool or add ice! It's a perfect drink!  Take this on an empty stomach.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


I believe in aromatherapy .  I have always been fascinated with stories about healing thru essential oils and aromatherapy. You can surf the Internet on the history of aromatherapy.  Sorry, I am not able to provide a link at this time because I am not very high tech and will get stressed just trying to do it.

I am forever grateful to Maritess, a schoolmate of mine, who introduced me to the world of Lampeberger  a decade ago. I have been hooked on it since.

Lampeberger  is over 100 years old and  was invented by a French pharmacist, Maurice Berger, He invented it primarily to help purify the air in hospital wards . He also started experimenting on different essential oils which have  therapeutic effects.

I personally love the lavender scent which I find very relaxing. It calms me and allows me to get a restful sleep. I have read that the lavender scent also lowers blood pressure. When anyone in our home is about to get the " bug" , I immediately light the lamp to purify the air and to prevent the  " bug" from spreading.

I know  there are about a dozen scents but I am partial to lavender, eucalyptus ( for respiratory concerns ) and tea tree oil ( to stimulate the immune system) .

I have passed on this ' lighting of the lamp ceremony ' to my eldest daughter so that her whole family will benefit from it too.

WARNING: since this product is flammable , I suggest only the owner of the house lights the lamp, keep out of reach of small children and yayas! The people of Lampeberger will teach you proper usage.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Ant Parade

Aside from those cockroaches, am sooooo annoyed with these ANTS!! They seem to be all over , all at  the same time, everywhere, in my kitchen, on our wall, on my dresser,  on our dining table!!! Name it and they are there!!! Nakakainis talaga!

One night, i noticed the ANT PARADE on my dresser, marching towards my closet, then towards my bag shelf, then to the wall, I told myself I will not less this pass!  It was way past midnight and I thought of these ants, marching towards me while I am asleep ,  creeping up my bed, then up my Ilocos blankets, passing my face  and  entering my ears then finally eating my sweet brains , oh no!!!  This is it!

I got one of my "flavor of the month " facial toners that claims to be organic and started spraying on the ANT PARADE!  After the first spray, the ants died in their tracks, so i sprayed again, then the dresser, then my bag closet, then  the wall. oh my, I didnt  realize  that I finished the whole bottle  of facial toner but all the ANTS were dead!!!  Not one survived.....then I started thinking if my facial toner was organic, why did the ants die??? Maybe because the facial toner left a sticky residue on the surface so the ants got stuck?????  Or maybe the toner was poisonous, I was rubbing ant poison on my face, yikes!!!!! Ay buhay!

The next morning, I checked the ants and they were still dead, really double dead , they are not like the cockroaches who sometimes pretend to be comatose .

I remembered an email I received about ANTS. It said mix  natural seasalt with water and use it as your last rinse when cleaning a surface. I tried doing it and it works!!!!  I came home last night and I had no ants , Thank God for the seasalt!!!

I am not sure if iodized salt will work, the iodine in the salt might strengthen the ants so you will have ants with healthy thyroids!!  Everything is worth a try. Let me know  what happens