Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Open Sesame

I have been giving my husband some sesame seed candy which is mixed with molasses the past month. My husband developed some liver problems 20 years ago. I realized that it's never too late to restore good health. Boy Fajardo mentioned to me about the health benefits of  sesame seeds, but never got around to seriously look into it. Please read link attached

I was delighted to see some of these sesame seed candy ( no sugar, just molasses as a binder) readily available.

I think sesame seeds would be very helpful to those taking a lot of medication or to those who wine a lot .

Of course everything is to be taken in moderation, the nutty sesame seeds included.


JoanneRK said...

hi! Where can I find the candies? I'd like to give some to my mom

Becky said...

I found the sesame seed candies in Holland Hopia Shop in Chinatown. Thanks

Rosanna said...

really? these look good. do we have downstairs?

Becky said...

Dad finished them all!