Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pure and Natural

Pure and
When I watched a documentary on soap making , I found out the basic ingredient of commercial soap is ANIMAL FAT. I think this bit of information must have been stashed in my memory bank since grade school but seeing a documentary on it changed my whole perspective on my daily bath regimen.

I was terrified of using scented animal fat every time I would shower! Just the thought was revolting to me. Every time I see a bar of soap in the supermarket shelf, my mind was thinking,
Is this pork fat? beef ? duck? goose? . It was bad enough that my favorite was chicharon but to be washing my face with scented animal fat is a totally different story!!!

This started my quest for an all natural soap ..... I discovered Daila, Pure and Natural soap . It is coconut oil based soap with extracts of lemongrass and patchouli! How simple can that be ? No chemical ingredients that you can't pronounce or spell . It comes in different scents too. Like Dayap and Philippine Mint.

My eldest grandchild is turning 5 very soon and I can proudly say that he never had any skin irritation or any form of skin asthma  up to this time.

I really believe that LESS IS MORE!

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