Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Look into My Eyes

Exactly 24 years ago, I was diagnosed to have a benign myoma by my gynecologist. She suggested surgery in case I was feeling uncomfortable .

My father, took me to an iridologist , somewhere in the White Plains area , I can't remember exactly his name. The iridologist looked into my eyes and without my even mentioning it, he told me that I had a myoma in my uterus . . He told me to take an iodized salt free diet. No meat, only fish , brown rice and veggies. I became very creative with my fish marinades---- Fish in ilocos vinegar, garlic and pepper, fish in oil and Ginger, fish in oil and thyme, fish in Rosemary and garlic,  fish in calamansi , fish in lemon, all the spices were acceptable except iodized  salt. He said that the fish had natural salts in it. 

After a month, I took another ultrasound and lo and behold, there was no trace of the myoma.

Apparently, once upon a time, a very much wounded owl was found in a doctors home. Upon checking the eyes of the owl, the doctor noticed that there were some broken veins in the owl's  pupils. As the doctor tried to bring back the owl to good  health, the broken veins in the eyes would start healing too. Each vein corresponded to a certain part of the body.... I think this is how iridology came about 

Am not too  sure about the  details of the above story , I don't know if I read it, or it was told to me or I invented it.

The bottom line is---- I am scared of doctors and surgery which is why my dad took me to an iridologist  and all worked well for me. 

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