Thursday, 23 June 2011


There is big gentle man in our home who is scared of dentists but I can't tell you who he is. I promised him that I will respect and honor his privacy so I won't tell you his name.

Once he had a very bad toothache, it was soooooo bad, he stayed glued to the Internet just finding ways and means to alleviate his pain.

Voila, he read that CLOVE OIL , would do the trick, . He went to the kitchen and looked through our spice rack and settled for the regular MCCormick CLOVE spice. He rubbed the spice all over the affected area and true enough his toothache was gone.

When you smell the clove , you will notice that it smells exactly like something in a dentists clinic when you bring your mouth there for repairs.


Alaska Cabin Fever said...

I think I know who the big gentle man is. Haha.

Becky said...

If you can guess who he is, I'll give you a prize, I'll give him to you.

Proud Mama said...

Haha, Becky you are too funny! You are very lucky to have your big gentleman so don't give him away. If you do, your bunions might keep growing.

Becky said...

I love having this blog, now I can blackmail everyone in this house. I kinda threatened Miguel with a post and he emailed me and said, ' mom, you're kidding me, right? Ha! Ha! I am now so powerful

Amina said...

Its so obvious naman who that bigman is!!!