Saturday, 18 June 2011


I have natural confused curls. I have been going to the same hairdresser for years because he is the only one who can tame my curls.

Aside from a good haircut, I also have different hair equipment that answers my daily needs. I have a wide wooden tooth comb. I use this when I don't want to use the hairdryer and I don't want my hair to be pouffy

I have a huge  wooden hair brush, that I use for blow drying my hair . I think it gives my hair a reasonable volume without making me look as if I just stepped out of the parlor everyday.

I have a carabao horn comb, the salesgirl in the bazaar says it prevents the growth of gray and white hair.I don't know if that's true though because when I bought the comb I already had the grey and white streaks.

I also have a nice absorbent towel that I use in place of a hairdryer. It leaves my hair shinier but I don't dare go out of the house with towel dried hair.

I also have a  hair brush with '  boars'  hair as bristles and ivory handles. This  was a gift from my mom when I was still in my teens.  This one really really tames my curls and I love it!

Last but not the least, I have my fingers that I run through my wet hair. It's a good substitute to the towel but it is not able to straighten the curls on lthe left side of my head.

From time to time , I ask Little Miss Dress Up , if she noticed anything new with my hair?she just gives me a blank stare.......!!!


Marilou said...

How in the world were you able to save that Fuller brush!? I used to have one too, four-scores ago! Tried to find something similar to it, but there is nothing like it at all. :'(

Becky said...

You are right, it's a Fuller brush! I didn't think anyone would recognize it. We must be the same age!

Proud Mama said...

You are lucky LMDU didn't laugh her naughty laugh. That meant you looked okay.