Monday, 13 June 2011

see clearly

The first time my husband saw me sitting erectly at the edge of the bed, my eyes rolling up and down, left and right, he thought I was crazy. He was asking me what was happening but I totally ignored him. I continued rolling my eyes even more, making them bigger and bigger and bigger!

And then I would look far , then near, then far and near. Between these, I would  be rubbing the palms of my hands together and would lay them on my closed eyes!,  Then he freaked out because I continued to ignore him. I was having an insanity attack, he thought , and the more I made my eyes bigger!

Then after 15 minutes, I told him about my new obsession, I didn't want to wear reading  eyeglasses so I was exercising the muscles of my eyes. Years ago, I just bought a CD on the internet on how to See Clearly and was practicing it.

I am way way past the golden age and I still don't wear reading glasses. Thank God!


D said...

That's part of the warm up exercise in gyrokinesis . It may look odd but it does work . :)

Becky said...

Hi D, thanks for info on gyrokinesis , will research on it. Thanks so much.

Precious said...

I wish I knew about this way way before, now I have a very poor eyesight only remedy is to wear glasses

Becky said...

Hi Precious, it's not too late to do the eye excersises. it will strengthen your eye muscles until there comes a time that you won't be needing your eyeglasses anymore. I used to wear reading glasses but I don't need them now.

Precious said...

Really? That's great news for me, I was thinking I'd be using my glasses forever. Where did you get the CD and instructions from? I'd like to get them for myself. Thanks!

Becky said...

Hi Precious, you can google SEE CLEARLY METHOD in the Internet. Thanks.