Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My frustration

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My great grandmother on my mother' s side must have been absent when God distributed beautiful feet. Some of my aunts , my mom included, and I  have terrible bunion problems.

It may be painless to some of my family but to me it is a real discomfort! A podiatrist told me to wear only shoes with arch support. I must have purchased all the colors of Birkenstock in one sitting! Then I had a custom made insole done so i can put them inside my closed shoes. What a disaster! .The insole can only fit  inside the wide Minnie Mouse looking Mary Janes! Can you imagine a grandmother wearing Minnie Mouse shoes with her draped formal gowns? My  two fashionista daughters would disown me!

There is really no hope  for my feet ,  surgery is  a definite NO !I  I am only left with these contraptions or toe separators  that I put in between my toes every night , I wear nice looking socks over them to hold them snugly in place . I religiously do this  for fear of my toes going on top of each and they will end up looking like crab claws . Most of all, I pray that my bunion would just stop growing, for the sake of my husband who sometimes feels the brunt of my frustration!

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Ingrid Roxas said...

I have a bunion problem too! Got it from my mom. I can really feel it when I have new shoes! hehe. Following you now. :)