Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Viva Victoria!

I saw Ms. Aleli Pansacola on cable TV about 10 years ago. She was featured in Living Asia channel.  For some reason, they kept on replaying her episode, I began to think she was a good friend of mine because I saw her so often!

Aleli  is the manufacturer of Daila Herbal Products. Her Victoria Laundry Soap won at least 5 Awards of Recognition in different European Trade Fairs. Victoria is coconut oil based and all natural. It is very economical too because you dont need fabric conditioners or a bleaching agent because it naturally softens the clothes ( not very soft though) and your white clothes become whiter too!  You will have to use less Victoria soap for the dark clothes .

Sometimes I even use the laundry bar version for bathing, that's how natural it is! I told my sister in law to recycle the Victoria  water for her plants and guess what---- her flowering plants in the entrance of her home bloomed !

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