Sunday, 19 June 2011

sweet dreams

When I go through my crazy hectic  days, I look forward to a nice cup of tarragon tea! Be sure to boil the tarragon leaves in a stainless steel pot . Cover the teacup with a saucer so that the leaves will steep some more .

I always fall into a deep sleep after a while. Hope this will work for some of you who have sleeping concerns.


Marilou said...

Why does it have to be stainless? What about enamel or glass?

Becky said...

Stainless or glass ok, but not aluminum. I don't know about enamel. Sometimes there might be chemical reactions with aluminum pots and pans. Thanks Marilou

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, where can we get tarragon leaves? or plants?

Becky said...

Hi the tarragon herb is available in most supermarkets under the Salad Time label ,am not sure if salad time is organic but Melendres Farms or Gourmet farms are organic. They cost between p40 to p50 a pack. It is usually used for chicken or fish dishes. You can buy the plants in Manila seedling or if you are in the tagaytay area, you can buy in Gourmet Farms country store. The potted tarragon plants were from the Gourmet Store. I dont remember how much they cost but I think it was less than a P100.