Thursday, 25 August 2011

Voila -The Natural Choice for Toys

I  am crazy over my grandchildren, soooo crazy that I decided to be an authorized dealer of toys just for them. My choice ???? VOILA- The Natural Choice for Toys.
VOILA toys are  crafted by Thai artisans and in 2002, VOILA became the first Thai wooden toy company to earn the right to use the GREEN LABEL LOGO from the Thailand Environmental Institute for products made from rubber wood. All our toys use lead free and non toxic paint.
The added bonus is Voilla is highly educational , no wonder my grandchildren have started out smarting me!!!  Here is the link to You can have a look at the toys in the website and I can email you back the prices and even deliver to you with an additional charge of course.
You can visit VOILA showroom at THE THIRD FLOOR, RODIL BLDG, # 326 Capt Henry Javier St. Pasig City, Brgy Oranbo ( coming from Ultra, heading towards Pasig Blvd Extension, you will go past Crisanta Tower on the right side, then see a Mini Stop, right across Mini Stop , on the left side is Rodil Bldg. Entrance are the steps on the right side of the building. )  
Our showroom is open Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7pm!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Banana Split

I  tend to buy too much bananas everytime I go to the supermarket. A few years ago, I chanced upon a very useful tip that I would want to share.
To prevent the bananas from ripening all at the same time, make sure to cut  each piece from the original "crown". You will be surprised that your bananas will last longer and there won't be any over riped bananas left for banana cake!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Camote is Tops

My favorite medicine man told me  that the best food to curb a diabetic's hunger pangs is to eat camote.  Camote is a complex carbohydrate that is easy to digest and low in Glycemic Index. Here's the link

The Camotes come in different varieties, there is the golden yellow, white and the purple. My super favorite is the purple camote. It's sweeter than the other varieties .
My mother in law who is diabetic eats them boiled, baked or grilled...... with sugar!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fruit Diet

My husband decided to go on a cleansing diet about a month ago. He was so serious about it, I was totally left impressed. His determination to stick to the diet was really commendable.

Everyday, for a week, he only ate fruits, a platter of assorted fruits for breakfast, a bigger platter of fruits for lunch and the biggest platter of fruits over dinner. In between the fruits he had more fruits! I He also took some digestive herbs with it, and cups of sambong and ampalaya tea.

I was under the impression that his sugar would go up  because of all the fruits he took but was surprised that it didn't.

Occasionally, I would give him fish and a salad but the major part of his diet was fruits. he says that he never tired of the fruits because each fruit had a different taste so he just kept on going and going.

The end result was loss of 10 lbs after a week and about 4 inches around the waist! whew! I could never do that....

My husband says he will go on a detox diet for one week in each month. Will keep you posted on the next round of fruits.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

An Apple A Day....

I know this chart will definitely come in handy . Natural cures inside our refrigerator.
After reading this entry you will definitely look at fruits and veggies in a different light. Thank you God for all of these, You surely know how to take care of us.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pretty Feet

My Birkenstocks have been my faithful companions over the years.  I can't imagine a day without them.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have terrible bunions in my feet. The arch support in Birkenstocks are helpful to alleviate the pain that comes at night especially if you have been walking all day!

Somehow, the pain doesn't totally go away which makes me even more frustrated . I saw this gummy thing being advertised on TV and decided to buy one. It is supposed to massage your toes etc....

It's too early for me to know if it really works, all I know is that it seems as if my toes are 3 inches apart from each other when I remove them .

I will religiously wear them at night and will keep all of you posted

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Go go Gugo!

If you know anyone who has receding hairline or balding problems, this  GUGO soap bar .  maybe the perfect answer. Here is the link that has some of the benefits of GUGO

If you have thick and long hair  I suggest you don't use it .  I tried using it and the lather was excellent but when I tried to comb my hair , the comb just didn't go through. The Gugo  confused my hair, the strands of hair kinda got stuck to each other, so in my mind I was thinking, no wonder it prevents falling hair , cause your hair is stuck to your scalp ! Kidding aside, if you have serious hair problems, this Gugo bar is worth a try .

However, if you have short, limp hair and want more volume, this soap would definitely work. Please don't use any hair conditioners with it.

A friend  of mine used to ask me to get her boxes of this soap because she would bring it to her brother in the US. I found out that her brother had alopecia for years and had tried everything in the book. She sent him this soap to try and apparently it worked because his hair started growing again.

I don't know exactly if his hair started growing after using 24 bars of soap but am pretty sure it didn't take more than 48 bars because she stopped sending him after that.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Organic Rice

I knew I had a winner when Little Miss Dress Up told me that she can eat Pink Rice for the rest of her life!

Little Miss Dress Up is such a picky eater , she drives me nuts, oooops , since she reads my blog, I should say she drives me bananas! She likes bananas but hates anything with nuts! Vegetables to her is French Fries and healthy juice would be in tetra packs.

For years, I have been searching for an organic rice that she would like, tried everything in the supermarket, tiendesitas, market market and was so happy when I found this Pink Rice! It's as soft as white rice and tastes just as good , It says it's organic too! I usually soak the Pink Rice in water a few minutes before cooking. I also add a little bit more water than normal!

Finally, Little Miss Dress Up is taking  something organic! Yehey !

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Diet Crackers

These bunch of egg crackers have been keeping me company this week. Have been so  busy with work lately and have neglected my favorite form of relaxation ....eating.

My favorite albularyo mentioned to me that egg crackers would be good for hyperacidity or acid reflux . He also said that diabetics can take them when they are hungry  and it won't increase their blood sugar, if taken moderately of course.

As for me I enjoy them because it helps me maintain my weight and kinda fills me up. If you are on a diet, you can indulge in egg crackers.