Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fruit Diet

My husband decided to go on a cleansing diet about a month ago. He was so serious about it, I was totally left impressed. His determination to stick to the diet was really commendable.

Everyday, for a week, he only ate fruits, a platter of assorted fruits for breakfast, a bigger platter of fruits for lunch and the biggest platter of fruits over dinner. In between the fruits he had more fruits! I He also took some digestive herbs with it, and cups of sambong and ampalaya tea.

I was under the impression that his sugar would go up  because of all the fruits he took but was surprised that it didn't.

Occasionally, I would give him fish and a salad but the major part of his diet was fruits. he says that he never tired of the fruits because each fruit had a different taste so he just kept on going and going.

The end result was loss of 10 lbs after a week and about 4 inches around the waist! whew! I could never do that....

My husband says he will go on a detox diet for one week in each month. Will keep you posted on the next round of fruits.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I think i will try that even for just a couple of days. Did your husband feel weaker while on the fruit diet? Is it ok to mix different kinds of fruits at a time?

Congrats on your very informative blog!

Becky said...

Hi anonymous, yes, my husband ate different fresh fruits in each meal. The pineapple with the hard inner core is his favorite. Occasionally , he would get dizzy which is why I insisted on adding tons of fresh salad and steamed fish to his diet. We always had bananas handy especially at night., when he gets hungry.

He is looking forward to his next detox week, so i guess it wasn't difficult for him.

Dwight Alvans said...

Eating fruits and vegetables is a good start to a healthy diet. These provide a lot of nutrients to the human body.