Sunday, 7 August 2011

Go go Gugo!

If you know anyone who has receding hairline or balding problems, this  GUGO soap bar .  maybe the perfect answer. Here is the link that has some of the benefits of GUGO

If you have thick and long hair  I suggest you don't use it .  I tried using it and the lather was excellent but when I tried to comb my hair , the comb just didn't go through. The Gugo  confused my hair, the strands of hair kinda got stuck to each other, so in my mind I was thinking, no wonder it prevents falling hair , cause your hair is stuck to your scalp ! Kidding aside, if you have serious hair problems, this Gugo bar is worth a try .

However, if you have short, limp hair and want more volume, this soap would definitely work. Please don't use any hair conditioners with it.

A friend  of mine used to ask me to get her boxes of this soap because she would bring it to her brother in the US. I found out that her brother had alopecia for years and had tried everything in the book. She sent him this soap to try and apparently it worked because his hair started growing again.

I don't know exactly if his hair started growing after using 24 bars of soap but am pretty sure it didn't take more than 48 bars because she stopped sending him after that.

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Fantastic Fabulous Faith said...

Where could we buy this? Green Queen im a fan!!!!