Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Another gentleman in our  home pretends to be disinterested in everything that I do that is organically related! When I make kwento over dinner about my  ' good finds'  he is just gulping down all the food , I don't even think he chews them!! Oh my ! But now I know his secret, he has all the good bacteria, chewing on all the food that he just downed with water!

This is his stash of probiotics----amazing isn't it ?


Marilou said...

Where can you get these?

Becky said...

Hi, My son orders these from balikbayan relatives. Thanks.

Naomi Cayaba-Lewis said...

becky, i just watched this on DR. OZ show. Is this for real?

Becky said...

I follow Dr. Mercolas blog and so far so good!