Saturday, 11 June 2011

smells like vinegar

One day, little miss dress up was running a very high fever, I desperately wanted to bring down the fever to make her feel more comfortable.. I remember a tv episode 'Balintataw' where I appeared as the daughter of Barbara Perez and Robert Arevalo. This was decades ago , and in that episode I was nursing a fever , and Barbara would put a towelette soaked in vinegar on my forehead.

I googled in the Internet and read up on this home remedy . In between giving little miss dress up sponge baths of tap water every 30 minutes. I also put a towel soaked in vinegar on her forehead. I even did extreme measures by letting her wear socks soaked in vinegar too. I would resoak the towel and socks in vinegar every hour. Little miss dress up was too weak to complain about the smelly vinegar , I covered her in a thick blanket and slept beside so I can guard her fever with my life. ( none of my kids hardly ever got sick while growing up so when they do, my panic button is on red alert)

The next day , Little miss dress up was up and about with no trace of the weakness and high fever of the previous day.

Up to this day, I never told her that the vinegar I used was the SINAMAK variety, one that is filled with chili peppers etc. We had run out of the plain traditional Quezon organic vinegar earlier!

Forgot to mention that I would give her two 200 mg tablets of Provimin spirulina every 6 hours to improve her immune system and lots of water too, but I made sure she didn't drown.


Mikko said...

Nice story tita! Didn't know you were an actress pala! Maybe Sans can follow in your footsteps. :p

Becky said...

No one can follow my footsteps! Ha! Ha! Ha!

hanna said...

tita becky! i love your blog so much.

hotbratz69 said...

i definitely still use vinegar with ice cold water on face towel on the forehead with my kids & true it gives them relief & lowers the fever - lets continue sharing the old traditions becky - go go!