Sunday, 3 July 2011


I believe in aromatherapy .  I have always been fascinated with stories about healing thru essential oils and aromatherapy. You can surf the Internet on the history of aromatherapy.  Sorry, I am not able to provide a link at this time because I am not very high tech and will get stressed just trying to do it.

I am forever grateful to Maritess, a schoolmate of mine, who introduced me to the world of Lampeberger  a decade ago. I have been hooked on it since.

Lampeberger  is over 100 years old and  was invented by a French pharmacist, Maurice Berger, He invented it primarily to help purify the air in hospital wards . He also started experimenting on different essential oils which have  therapeutic effects.

I personally love the lavender scent which I find very relaxing. It calms me and allows me to get a restful sleep. I have read that the lavender scent also lowers blood pressure. When anyone in our home is about to get the " bug" , I immediately light the lamp to purify the air and to prevent the  " bug" from spreading.

I know  there are about a dozen scents but I am partial to lavender, eucalyptus ( for respiratory concerns ) and tea tree oil ( to stimulate the immune system) .

I have passed on this ' lighting of the lamp ceremony ' to my eldest daughter so that her whole family will benefit from it too.

WARNING: since this product is flammable , I suggest only the owner of the house lights the lamp, keep out of reach of small children and yayas! The people of Lampeberger will teach you proper usage.


Marilou said...

I too am a believer! Green tea is also good for cancer patients. Our friend who had leukemia used that to cleanse the air in her room together with topical aromatherapy oils. Of course, she had western medicine treatments as well. She recovered wonderfully and is back in our dance ministry.

Amina said...

Oh can I order Lavender and Green Tea too? I only have Eucalyptus. Where can I order?

Becky said...

I have here, I ll give you tomorrow. But you need another lamp! I just put the eucalyptus scent, nice to sleep, eucalyptus and pandan scent, ha! Ha!

Proud Mama said...

I want one too! Maybe a genie will come out of the lamp and grant me 3 wishes!