Friday, 1 July 2011

Ant Parade

Aside from those cockroaches, am sooooo annoyed with these ANTS!! They seem to be all over , all at  the same time, everywhere, in my kitchen, on our wall, on my dresser,  on our dining table!!! Name it and they are there!!! Nakakainis talaga!

One night, i noticed the ANT PARADE on my dresser, marching towards my closet, then towards my bag shelf, then to the wall, I told myself I will not less this pass!  It was way past midnight and I thought of these ants, marching towards me while I am asleep ,  creeping up my bed, then up my Ilocos blankets, passing my face  and  entering my ears then finally eating my sweet brains , oh no!!!  This is it!

I got one of my "flavor of the month " facial toners that claims to be organic and started spraying on the ANT PARADE!  After the first spray, the ants died in their tracks, so i sprayed again, then the dresser, then my bag closet, then  the wall. oh my, I didnt  realize  that I finished the whole bottle  of facial toner but all the ANTS were dead!!!  Not one survived.....then I started thinking if my facial toner was organic, why did the ants die??? Maybe because the facial toner left a sticky residue on the surface so the ants got stuck?????  Or maybe the toner was poisonous, I was rubbing ant poison on my face, yikes!!!!! Ay buhay!

The next morning, I checked the ants and they were still dead, really double dead , they are not like the cockroaches who sometimes pretend to be comatose .

I remembered an email I received about ANTS. It said mix  natural seasalt with water and use it as your last rinse when cleaning a surface. I tried doing it and it works!!!!  I came home last night and I had no ants , Thank God for the seasalt!!!

I am not sure if iodized salt will work, the iodine in the salt might strengthen the ants so you will have ants with healthy thyroids!!  Everything is worth a try. Let me know  what happens


Rafael Alunan said...

the antinator is the mom of the sansinator

Precious said...

oh wow Ive been waiting for this post, I do have my fair share of bad experiences with the ants lurking in my closet, hay nako nightmare talaga ang ants, Im excited to try & see if my toner will be deadly to them as well. thanks ms becky :) will keep you posted

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Perfect tandem. Works everytime.